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HSAI programs are not designed to be in conflict with, or take the place of any state homeschool association convention, program, meeting or activities. We are a separate entity within the homeschool arena providing assistance to homeschool families on a year round basis. However, at times, we may work with and/or provide information connected with various homeschool associations and/or homeschool groups within and without the state of Wisconsin to keep you informed.

Enrichment programs on this page are posted in behalf of "educators" who present classes throughout the state of Wisconsin. All class descriptions are designed to keep you, the homeschool parent, informed so you can make wise curriculum choices. The majority of class postings are "mobile" which means they cover one or many locations. It is our recommendation that you as parents contact the individual educators, request information, and determine whether the program is right for your child.

If a posting is complete, all contact information will be included. If the posting is incomplete, (missing times, dates, location, contact information, etc.), that means that the class will be available but is not yet open for enrollment.



Study Abroad
Foreign Language Study &
Cultural Immersion Programs
Live it to Learn It
www.flsas.com  -  info@flsas.com

Middle School, High School
Adults & Seniors  -  Parents with Children

ALL Age Groups ALL Year
35+ countries, 20+ languages
Special Summer Intensive Language Programs
100% Total Language Immersion (summer & all year)
100% Cultural Immersion (summer & all year)*
Spanish in Miami
Academic High School Year Programs Abroad
Short Stays - Attend a High School Abroad
Very Intensive One Week Programs
Trimester, One Semester or Two Semesters

FLSAS / Foreign Language Study Abroad Service
Box 430903
South Miami, FL 33243
(786) 216-7302 (9 a.m. to midnight)
Fax: 888-725-5382
The Wessels Living History Farm

The Wessels Living History Farm web site was produced through a generous bequest of David Wessels, a bachelor farmer from York, Nebraska. The site has more than 400 stories about the history of agricultural innovation and the history of the 20th century. One of the site's strengths is that it relies on a series of oral history interviews. These streaming media segments can bring an historic period or event alive for students today.

Two years ago, the site was recognized by the National Endowment for the Humanities as "one of the best online resources for education in the humanities." And again, this is totally free and non-profit. Our only mission is to advance education and the understanding of students about the incredible history of agricultural innovation in the 20th century. The story of the production of food and fiber is one that affects all of our lives.

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WINTER 2013 SCIENCE CLASSES will be offered by Creation Insights.
Monday Classes will meet from January 7 through March 4
Tuesday classes will meet from January 8 through March 5
Thursday classes will meet January 10 through March 7

Lessons include experiments, demonstrations, and applications of concepts.
All instruction is designed to help students to observe, enjoy and understand the harmony and purpose of God's creation through the eyes of Scripture.

Grades 3-5 "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"
Week 1  Living on Life Support Skeletons
Week 2  Magnificent Muscle Maneuvers
Week 3  Someones Got a Lot of Nerves
Week 4  Chemical Messenger in Motion
Week 5  Enjoying a breath of Fresh Air
Week 6  A Heart for All Occasions
Week 7  How to Have a Stomach for Eating
Week 8  Clean Blood, Clean Bodies
Week 9  Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Body systems are often studied, but in this session students will learn in creative and exciting ways the amazing story of Gods plan for the miracle of Life. From the cranium to the tarsus, experiments and visuals will illustrate how organs and systems work, cooperate, grow, and repair during daily challenges of living. Each student will appreciate even more being a child of God.
Grades 6-8 Geology and the Flood

Week 1  Anatomy of the Earth
Week 2  Minerals, Coal, and Oil
Week 3  Origins and Uses of Rocks
Week 4  Volcanoes and the Flood
Week 5  Causes and Effects of Earthquakes
Week 6  The Changing Face of the Earth
Week 7  Creative Destruction in the Flood
Week 8  Footprints in the Flood
Week 9  Gods Gifts through Glaciers
If the earth is millions of years old, why does it look so young? The answer is found not only by studying the layers, rocks, and minerals that make it a treasure chest of resources, but also by experiencing how earthquakes, volcanoes, and the world-wide Flood of Genesis deposited and shaped its present form. This session will reveal how science and confidence in scripture are uniquely related.

Sheboygan Area:
Private home, Mondays
Grades 3-5, 1:00-2:00 PM / grades 6-8, 2:00-3:00 PM

West Bend / Cedarburg area:
Riveredge Nature Center; Tuesdays
grades 3-5, 1:00-2:00 PM / grades 6-8, 2:00-3:00 PM

Private home (near Elmbrook Church), Thursdays
Grades 3-5, 10:00-11:00 AM / grades 6-8, 11:00 AM-noon

White Stone Community Church; Thursdays
grades 6-8, 1:00-2:00 PM / grades 3-5, 2:00-3:00 PM

Each class meets for one hour per week during the nine-week session. Early enrollment is recommended due to limited class sizes. Parents are welcome to sit in on any class. Please contact Michael DuMez, director, at creationinsights@gmail.com or 920-564-2402 <tel:920-564-2402> for details.

Family costs for each session: 1 student=$95, 2 students=$180 3 students=$250.  Reduced costs or individual payment schedules can be arranged if needed.

For additional details, other science classes, and creation tours, please contact our website creationinsights.com .

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The Edison Project
the science of technology

The Edison Project is a Science class designed for INVENTORS/DISCOVERS who possess the
Edison Trait. Totally hands-on, to-the-point, teacher assisted learning. Each assignment can be
completed in about one hour. The entire family can get involved or the kids can do it safely by
themselves. Lab equipment can be purchased from your local Radio Shack.
The budding scientist in your home will love this class. 

Class Fee: $55 per quarter, 40 lessons
Students age 8 and up

Register now
at www.quickstudylabs.com.
Students are accepted once every eight weeks. See website for start date!

Testimonial Page

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Greg Landry's
Homeschool Science Academy
Unique Online Science Classes
6th-12th Grade

Science from a Christian Worldview

High School Level Anatomy
6th - 9th Grade Level Anatomy
High School Biology
6th-9th Grade Pre-Biology
8th-12th Grade Level Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
8th-12 Grade Level Forensic Anatomy/Pathology

Available to all Students Throughout the U.S. and the World
Geared Toward Science-Learning, College Bound Students

For complete details:
To register send email to: Greg@SportsMinistries.com

Environmental Stewardship

The Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship (CCES) is proud to invite you to participate in our exciting 2013 Spring Homeschool Outreach Program series. Each class is specifically designed to educate and enrich your student or students with hands on experiential learning situations. All of our classes utilize the resources we have here at Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) to provide lessons that are faith-based, educational, enriching, and applicable. All of our programs run on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Targeted grade levels are flexible…we welcome those older or younger siblings that may want to participate in a given program. Cost $6/ per student.

Date/ Program / Topic Grade level equivalent

Jan 31 Environmental Art K-12

A special outreach to kick off the semester! The students will take a general topics hike around the CCES property investigating the different types of ecosystems. Then they will be brought into the classroom to create artwork relating to the class. Paints, drawing media, and clay will be provided. Their finished pieces will be shown in the CCES Environmental Art Show Feb 15th.
After the class session, will be held each week before the show to continue and finish their work. $8 program fee for materials.

Feb 7 Nature Detectives 3-5

Participants will be immersed in a “CSI style” investigation, learning ways to track the different behaviors of animals. They will then discover what to look for as clues to the presence of different animals. Finally, students will go on an exploration in search of “suspects” that may be on the CUW campus.

Feb 14 What's in the Water 9-12

Participants will be taught about different wetland and how water quality can affect the inhabitants that live in them. The students will be lead into Concordia's wetlands, take samples, and then bring them back to explore and test.

Feb 21 Life Succession: Evolution, Creation, Stewardship 6-9

This class deals with the development, survival, and adaptation of living creatures. Because of constant incline, decline, and variation we will explore what the world means to us and what is needed for insuring survival of species.

Feb 28 Spring Species Search K-2

Students will learn about how spring weather affects the plants and animals in Wisconsin. Participants will take an exploratory hike to discover the characteristics of the plants and wildlife that reside on Concordia's campus.

Mar 14 Mammal Madness (LIVE ANIMALS)- Tentative Date K-12

Jeannie Lord will once again be joining us from Pine View Rehabilitation and Education Center. She will be bringing in different types of live mammals to observe and talk about. The classes will be split in half. Half the time learning about the animals and the other half hiking and talking about how and where we might see these animals and why.

Mar 21 Mini Underwater World (Micro and Macro Invertebrate Creatures) 9-12

Participants will learn about micro and macro invertebrates of wetlands. They will be lead into Concordia's wetlands, collect their own specimen and then bring them back to explore and identify.

Apr 4 Harnessing the Wind April 4: 6-12/ April 11: 3-5

& During this program, students will dive into the concept of wind power. Students will learn why wind turbines are a valuable

Apr 11 means of alternative renewable energy. They will then be provided with supplies to build their own wind turbines which can be entered in our 1 st Annual CCES Wind Competition which caps off our Earth Week Activities, April 15-19 th.

Apr. 18 Earth Week Natural Gardening (extended class - no extra charge - 10am-2pm) K-12

This program is part of Earth Week. We welcome all age groups to participate in the development and construction of our new therapy gardens. Students will learn how to construct raised gardens, how to garden, about the plants they are gardening, and what implications they can have physically and psychologically

Apr. 25 Fins, Scales, & Tails (Ichthyology) 6-9

Participants will learn the basics of Ichthyology or the study of fishes. They will learn about the different adaptations fish use to survive in their environment and learn about the variety of fish species found in the Great Lakes.

May 2 (TBA) (TBD)

We are always trying to improve our programs. The programs are designed for you, so we have left this day open in case there are any topic that are favorites or requested.

Please feel free to call or email for additional information or to register for any of the programs! Sign up early for best dates!

*Mr. Nathan Kilps (CCES Environmental Educator) Phone: (262) 243- 2695 *Email- nathan.kilps@cuw.edu

Prof. Bruce Bessert (CCES Director) Phone: (262) 243-4555 Email- bruce.bessert@cuw.edu



LANGUAGE New online Latin classes
Especially for high-schoolers ...
(Students in northern Colorado may attend online or in person.)
Classes will be offered online under the name "Lone Pine Classical School."  Latin 100 (first-year Latin) and STELLAE (introductory class for ages 8-12) will be offered (and are filling quickly!).  The Latin program is a full 4-year program; Latin 200 through 400 are currently offered "in person" and will be offered online as the first students progress through the levels.  (Math will probably not be offered for 2007-2008, unless there is tremendous interest.)  Online Latin classes will meet twice weekly for a live, interactive (video & audio) session.  Students may also attend a live online "help session" once a week (optional), and ask questions via email at any time.
Program web page:  http://www.lonepineclassical.com/online_index.asp
It is a solid, well-tested, and affordable program. 
Latin offers the students not only improvement in (English!) vocabulary, grammar, and thinking skills, -- and a great advantage in learning French, Spanish, or Italian (my 3rd-year students can read basic stories in all 3 languages) -- but also the opportunity to take the annual National Latin Exam (and win an award!), earn scholarships, join the National and Colorado Junior Classical Leagues (no matter where you live), and join the National Latin Honor Society (if they maintain an A).  This year ALL of my students won National Latin Exam awards! We attended the state convention for CoJCL (Colorado Junior Classical League), where they had a great time and earned many awards -- they can't wait to go again next year!  Online students are very welcome to attend the Colorado convention with us, if traveling to Fort Collins, Colorado in late April fits into your plans.  (The mountains are beautiful this time of year!  :) 
Latin is a tremendous resume / college-application builder for your students!
A.P. Calculus course (Pre-Calculus is a prerequisite) allows high-schoolers to earn real college credit (accepted at almost every university in the country) for just the cost of the class and the $80 or so fee for the national A.P. exam in May.  (A great way to save time and money!)  Math will ONLY be offered in '07-'08 if demand is very high.
This program offers students many resume-builders. 

Educator Karen KarppinenI taught high-school before having children, and was trained to help high-schoolers build "glowing" college applications; I'm doing my best for these students! she says. For further class information contact Karen at karp1248@yahoo.com.

Reading Horizons:
Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself

The Reading Horizons homeschool reading program helps its users build powerful foundational reading skills! Give your child a reading program that guarantees they will make fast gains in reading-grade levels through a tried-and-true, research-based program: Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself.

This method has been used successfully for over 30 years in classrooms and homes across the nation and is employed and endorsed by Harvard University and the Florida Center for Reading Research. The easy-to-teach direct instruction materials and self-guided student software of the Reading Horizons program make a perfect combination to any reading curriculum. The program uses a multi-sensory approach that appeals to a student's individual learning style - visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic.

We encourage you to try Reading Horizons free online resources and experience the difference the program can provide for you or your child. Please call anytime if you need any help or explanation with Reading Horizons resources - (800) 705-6568.

For additional information visit Reading Horizons at: http://www.readinghorizonsathome.com/
or email info@readinghorizons.com

The benefits of the Reading Horizons program are highlighted in the reflections of this homeschooling parent:

"We have five daughters and have home schooled for about 17 years. During those years we have tried over 8 phonics programs. I was trying to find one that was easy to teach, useable with all ages, and non-consumable. Two years ago I went to a conference and wandered over to the Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself booth. Since we'd used a curriculum with markings before, I really wanted that in my 'ideal phonics program!' I was immediately impressed with the simplicity of the system. Our 8-year-old commented one day, 'I really understand this. I never understood what you were trying to teach me before.' We are deeply grateful for the Discover Intensive Phonics system as it has ended my search for the 'ideal phonics program.'" I was becoming weary with all the effort!" - Kristie Swanson


Paint-your-own Pottery Class - http://potsnpaints.com
Enrollment for this class is year round. It is open to both homeschool families and the general public for registration. We offer both "mobile" and a main location for classes. Family costs for the session are determined by the type of greenware your child chooses to paint. Parents are welcome to sit in on the class. Each class is one-and-a-half to two hours in length. Please contact the Homeschool America office at (920) 650-3927 or email sondramuench@charter.net for details.

This program is open to both homeschool families and the public. It will teach creative ways to keep your memories and share them with friends and family.

Yearbook Spectrum
This program is open to all homeschool students in the state of Wisconsin. It enables each homeschool group to be involved in creating their own class memories or groups can work together to create a large region yearbook.


Irene Angeles’ Art Classes for Homeschooled Children

Location: Whitestone Community Church, Oconomowoc

Contact: iangeles@wi.rr.com


Prominent Artists in History - for Elementary and High School Age Kids in two groups

January 10-March 7, 2013 (both elementary and older kids), Thursdays

Group One (elementary) 1-2pm, $90 including all materials

Group Two (middle and high school) 2-4pm, $180 including all materials

Days one and two: Monet’s Impressionism – alcohol ink

Day three: Kandinsky’s abstracts – watercolor and thread

Days four and five: Frank Lloyd Wright – window clings

Days six and seven: Joan Miro – stitchery

Days eight and nine: Picasso soft sculpture

Christian Art History and Polymer Clay - for Elementary and High School Age Kids in two groups

March 14-May 9, 2013 (both elementary and older kids), Thursdays

Group One (elementary) 1-2pm, $90 including all materials

Group Two (middle and high school) 2-4pm, $180 including all materials

Days one and two: Church windows – stained glass look “rose” windows

Days three and four: The fish symbol

Days five and six: Byzantine cross Medallions

Days seven and eight: Illuminated writing

Day nine: “Play with clay based on what you’ve learned” day


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Young Auditorium
Horizons School Matinee Series
Whitewater, Wisconsin


Council for the Performing Arts
Jefferson, Wisconsin


Center For The Arts
19805 West Capital Drive
Brookfield, Wisconsin




Hello, My name is Kirk Von Loh. I am a Christian Deaf adult and want to offer
you my Sign Language Tutoring services. Sign Language is the fourth most used
language in the United States. Most people who are Deaf, very much appreciate
it when hearing people learn at least some basic signs to be able to communicate
with them clearly. I can customize lessons to meet student or family needs.
Textbook curriculum I use for tutoring meets National Standards for high school
foreign language credit. I invite you to review my website for lesson information,
videos, and step-by-step enrollment process instructions.
 Visit on the Web at Sign Language-Tutoring


Free online typing lessons available to help you learn, advance speed and
improve accuracy. You can receive your official certificate of achievement through
their program. With free registration, you may login each use and save your
progress. Without registration, you may login but your progress is not saved.
This program is endorsed by the Typing Institute of America.
To begin lessons go to: http://www.typingweb.com/


Tutoring services available to homeschool Co-ops around the country, online over webcam (skype, oovoo, facebook chat, or whatever other webcam medium with which the parent is comfortable), or in person for those living in the Lakeland, Winter Haven,
Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida areas.
My tutoring rate is $20 an hour for real-time teaching, and I offer complete courses in Greek, Hebrew and Latin, at $25 for each hour of pre-recorded sessions online. While my specialties are Greek, Hebrew and Latin, I also tutor *numerous* other ancient languages for those interested (Aramaic, Coptic, Akkadian, Ugaritic, and others). For more info or to register contact Daniel Calder, Instructor, at 954-298-8810 or by email at dpcalder@mail.usf.edu



On the Arrowhead High School Campus
700 North Avenue, Hartland, WI 53029 (262) 369-3600

WED September 26, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
FRI September 28, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
WED October 3, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
FRI October 5, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
WED October 10, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
FRI October 12, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
WED October 17, 2012 1:00-2:30pm
FRI October 19, 2012 1:00-2:30pm

More sessions will be scheduled starting Jan 2013
$3.00 per session
includes skate rental


Missionary Aviation Camp

Silver Birch Ranch is a non-denominational camp in northeastern WI.  We offer a week-long camp designed for youth interested in aviation, and even more importantly, those who may be considering aviation as a career in mission work. Our program provides Ground Session principals of flight, navigation in mission aviation environment, and 1/2 to 1 hour flying time daily with a Certified Flight Instructor. Curriculum is Bible-centered mission focused. Students also visit the Oshkosh EAA AirVenture Museum and participate in other camp activities. Teens ages 14-18 may apply. Youth is the perfect time to get excited about flying and explore the vast opportunities of mission aviation. Register early.

For complete information on dates, times, and class requirements contact: Ben Martin, Program Director, or view our brochure.

Silver Birch Ranch
N6120 Sawyer Lake Road    White Lake, WI  54491
(715)484-2742 ext. 227

Homeschool Literature BOOK CLUB

Join HomeschoolLiterature.com book club featuring fictional children's books with homeschooled characters!  This book club is designed BY homeschoolers FOR homeschoolers, and is perfect for co-ops, support groups, and family studies.

Each book in the HomeschoolLiterature.com Book Club is studied using a mixture of worksheets, hands-on activities, and online games. Activities are available for both older and younger student groups. All books included in the Book Club can be easily obtained either at your local library, local book stores, or via online retailers such as Amazon.com.

Participation in the HomeschoolLiterature.com Book Club is ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Simply come by
HomeschoolLiterature.com to register, and you can access all of the Book Club materials immediately! While you are there, check out our large and growing list of book reviews for homeschoolers.



Online Chess Lessons


6 weeks of classes--6 lessons $30

Learn the tricks of being a great chess player from your own home! This online class teaches interactive chess strategy by chess expert, Zachary Bekkedahl. It is a six week series on Grandmaster and former world champion Garry Kasparov. He is listed as the most amazing player of all time. He has dominated the chess board with his grace and amazing foresight. It is going to be a great series learning from the best and looking at how he changed the game in so many ways. Even computers cannot match up with his brilliance in most cases and even today he trains the top players to be world champions. We will look at his most striking performances, talk about his chess strategy, the way he looks at the board and take some time to try and emulate his play.

Lessons are interactive but also recorded, so if you miss one you can go back through the recording online. The classes are held in an online classroom. Upon signing up, you will be given a password which gives you access to the room. You will be able to hear and see what the instructor is doing on the chess board and you can talk as well or type in your questions as the lesson is taking place. Following each class, students have a chance practice what they have learned by playing each other while the instructor observes and gives suggestions to help you improve your chess game. Classes run in 6 week intervals.

Contact Coach Zachary Bekkedahl to register for the next class at: Info@chessmatesFC.com or at www.chessmatesFC.com


Educator Info: If you are an educator and would like to post a class or expand you program area, contact the HSAI for an application at (920) 650-3927 or email me at info@homeschoolamerica.org

Home School America Inc.
313 N High Street Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0126
Phone: (920) 650-3927       Fax: (920) 563-4644